Who I Am

My name is Ryan Hawkins. I love Christ and his gospel and want to love him more.

While I was in college, Jesus began to grab a hold of me through his Word. I have since fallen more and more in love with him, especially through his Word, finding what is written therein to be interesting and captivating, and seeing Jesus and his gospel to be truly wonderful and really worth living for.

I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters. I am an associate pastor at a church in New Jersey. My hobbies include running, cooking, reading, playing table tennis, watching and playing soccer, and rooting earnestly for the New York Giants.


Why I Write

I write because I love Christ and I want to love him more.

I started the site and disciplined myself to contribute to it mainly because it is a way for me to dwell on Christ, his gospel, how it all relates to life, and overall just chew on his Word. The articles are things I have been thinking about, and the quote posts are quotes from books I have been reading.

In short, it is a way for me to focus on Bible-saturated ideas and dig into them. I enjoy writing, but I mainly write because as I do so, it stirs my affections to love God more and trust him more. This then, Lord willing, fuels me to be a better man, husband, father, friend, and pastor.

That being said, I write for the public rather than just in a personal journal in case another might grow closer to Christ through my diggings. If so, God be praised. If not, may God continue to just allow me to grow closer to him through these writings. I have had the privilege of being previously published on Desiring God.

To him be the glory. Until he returns or calls me home.


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