We're All Longing for a Voice of Hope

We’re all looking for hope, for remedy, for something or someone to help us as we live life.

And this isn’t a 'religious idea,' this is reality. Look at the video produced today from one the most influential companies in the world.

At today’s Apple Event, the company revealed some new services, among which is their Apple TV+, a subscription streaming service. To kick off Apple TV+, they had a handful of new shows with prominent stars, and during the event they revealed each one after the other.

But then, after all the new shows seemed to be revealed, CEO Tim Cook came on the stage again—and when he does, it is either to change topics or to introduce something big. This time is was the latter. They had one more announcement…

Then came the clip below. If nothing else, watch the trailer Apple created (0:18) and then the audience’s response (1:50).

Sense the longing for hope? The graphics, music, and words in the video clip are ringing with it. And Apple is right: The world is looking for “a voice”—an inspiring voice that can bring us together, that can encourage community, that can remind us of what matters. People from all over the world are looking a voice of honestly, compassion, and truth.

And the longing is further confirmed in the applause given to Oprah when she appears on stage. Standing ovations. Cheers. Claps. And in it all, there’s a unique admiration because it’s believed she can bring that hope to fruition.

As Christians, there’s two quick things to glean from the video and the audience’s response:

(1) Most people in the world recognize the need for help and guidance. It’s true that one of the most innate realities of sin is self-centeredness and self-reliance. We don’t want God because we want to be our own God. And yet it’s also true that people and the world are broken. We each know it deep down. We know e can’t handle things on our own. We need guidance, “a voice.”

(2) People are longing for Christ more than we might think. As I was watching that video live, I was shocked at how much it could have been about Jesus. The “voice” was said to inspire, point us to community, reveal what matters. Although those who cheered for Oprah would not say that Christ is what they're looking for—the hope of the world—we know he is. The longing put on display in Apple’s video is a longing that is only fulfilled in Christ, fully and forever. And their heart-felt cheering displayed that this is no small longing, but something substantial.

It’s true and must be said that Oprah will not bring hope people think she can. But neither will any other mere woman or man. (This is just as true with Donald Trump.) The remedy we’re all longing for can only be found in Christ and the good news he offers. Each of the 7 billion persons on the earth was created by him, for him, and thrives only when listening to his voice. In his gospel alone we find lasting meaning, love, community—hope, now and forever.

Christ therefore was lurking on center stage today at that Apple Event. Let’s listen to his voice and live in his hope. And let's point more people to the better hope he offers.