About Seeking for More

This site is simply a place for my own personal short writings. As you can read in my Who I Am & Why I Write page, I am a husband, father, and pastor who enjoys writing and wants to use writing so that I may grow closer to Christ and love his gospel even more. I have made it public so that I can search it from anywhere, and especially so that, if Christ so pleases, he can use the content to bless others.

All the content on the site is broken into three main categories: Articles, Quote Posts, and Blog Posts:

  • The articles are more along the lines of devotionals and articles you would read on other Christian sites. In this way, they are more polished, if you will.

  • The quote posts are posts which contain either one or various quotes from books I have been reading. A little context for the quote(s) is provided and then the quotes are briefly explained. These are especially beneficial to me as I use this site as a place to save and search quotes I have loved in my readings.

  • The blog posts are the more informal postings, more like a typical blog. This is a catchall category if the post isn't a more polished article or a post built upon quotes.

Thanks for reading. I pray that you may grow closer to Christ through anything you read on this site.

For him,